Our history

Kotuko was born in 2020, its history has much deeper roots: the agency is in fact the result of the fusion between Sicomunicaweb and Touchware, respectively established in 2010 and 2012 by a group of professionals from the world of information technology and  web marketing. After five years of success and solid collaboration, the decision to become a single reality was a completely natural consequence. In a new guise and with a new name, however enriched by the experience gained over the years,  through the combination of our professional teams, we are now ready – as never before! – to provide a complete 360 ​​° service in the digital world.

Why Kotuko?

We share the name with the main character from the Second Jungle Book, Kotuko: a dynamic and courageous boy who, despite the absolute prohibition to leave the village, decides to venture beyond the borders of his land facing  tremendous challenges to ultimately save his fellow villagers from famine.

The spirit of Kotuko’s character is the same that animates our company: we want to support you and sustain you in the daily challenges that your business presents. Our goal is to lead you by the hand  through the digital evolution path and to be constantly present along the entire journey that leads to your accomplishments.

In a highly competitive market for both us  and our customers, we are very much aware  that the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to offer  very high quality level of service. This is why we invest in continuous updates and in constant professional growth: we don’t stop! What are you waiting for?

Kotuko Chi siamo
Kotuko Chi siamo
Kotuko Chi siamo

Board of directors

Michelangelo Chasseur
Michelangelo Chasseur
CEO, VP Sales & Engineering
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Gianni Santolla
Gianni Santolla
CEO, VP Finance & Digital Marketing
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Alberto Rossi
Alberto Rossi
Board Member
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Carmine Di Matteo
Carmine Di Matteo
VP Customer Care & Quality Assurance
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Board of managers

Francesca Perfetti
Head of Operations
Tommaso Marcelli
Tommaso Marcelli
Simone Galbusera
Head of Sales
Sandro Nardo
Sandro Nardo
Head of Digital Marketing
Federica Bergamaschi
Federica Bergamaschi
Head of Administration
Francesco Mascolo
Francesco Mascolo
Chief of International Business
Oscar Bout
Oscar Bout
Country Manager - Netherland
Guglielmo Giambelli
Head of Design

Meet Kotuko

Ylenia Mombelli
Simona Brambilla
Ajay Dhakal
Giorgia Franchin
Enrico Ancis
Daniela Dall’Occo
Andrei Morti
Larence Shrestha
Sita Neupane
Alex Vallet
Agnese Martinuzzi
Marco Girardi
Simone Leo
Giulia Ascari
Domenico Jones
Michela Agavriloaie
Kshitiz Bhattarai
Franco Sarti
Pier Paolo Zus
Donatella Tansini
Marta Valerini
Rosanna Di Bernardo
Pamela Goldberg
Daniele Crescenzo
Sushil Pokhrel
Alexander GM
Giulia Fracasso
Krishna Shrestha
Simon Mezzomo
Rojina KC
Stefania Migliazza
Mario Russano
Valentina Bevolo
Saverio Recchia
Antonino Greco
Francesco Gagliardi
Matteo Destro
Cesy Chiesa
Amshu Pokhrel
Federico Mazzuccato
Aabhusan Gautam
Ronald Karten
Sagar Ghimire
Marco Serio
Bruno Defiori
Rita Motta
Ludovica Barbieri
Andrea Meneghini
Stefano Guerretti
Vanessa Noseda
Pierluca Lino
Laura Gaias
Adriana Cantore
Agostino Fiscale
Akshata Pradhan
Alessio Ravani
Alisha Lamichhane
Beatrice Voltolini
Giorgia Simonetti
Isaia Belladelli
Luca Nagliati
Luigi Taranto
Marcello Aguzzi
Maria Paola Chessa
Alessandro Murè
Pratibh Acharya
Raju Gautam
Rakesh Thapa
Sabin Pathak
Sahil Raj Thapa
Sandesh Bhattarai
Shusandesh GC
Sijan Poudel
Yuhanna Kapali


VAT number: 11442140965
Tax Code.: 11442140965
Cap. Soc. i.v. 100.000€

Tel +02 83421930
Fax +02 56561235
E-mail: info@kotuko.it

Offices Italy

Legal and operative site
Street Trentacoste, 9
20134 Milano

Operational Headquarters
Regione Borgnalle, 12
11100 Aosta (AO)

Business location
C.so Turati 15/H
10128 Torino (TO)

Foreign Offices

Kotuko Netherland
Kotuko BV
Zuiddijk 412
075 7370006 / 06 53422514

Kotuko Poland
Touchware Poland sp.z.o.o.
NIP 6751644190
Podskale 1A / 14, 30-522 Kraków, Polska

Kotuko Middle East
Ademia FZE
Block – 130 AFZA
United Arab Emirates

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