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Affidati a Kotuko per la realizzazione della tua infrastruttura cloud

Rely on Kotuko for the realization of your cloud infrastructure
In Kotuko we have been operating for years on cloud platforms and we are able to design dedicated infrastructures, as well as to intervene on existing systems. Compared to more traditional hosting services, the use of cloud platforms allows you to quickly create complex and distributed architectures, to meet the demands of security, system resilience and geographical distribution worldwide.

Types of platforms

Our platform of choice is certainly Amazon Web Services, but we are also able to operate on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. More precisely, we can build highly automated systems thanks to a coordinated approach with development teams. We embrace the vision of infrastructure-as-code, and for this we use the most advanced tools made available by cloud vendors to easily modify or replicate systems in the cloud.

Used technologies

For the realization of all our server applications we use Docker technology, in order to ensure maximum reproducibility of the software developed regardless of the release environment. In this regard, we take full advantage of the continuous integration pipelines, which allow us to create a direct link between development work and operations, automating the release of the product code. This allows the systems we build or take on to be updated frequently and without problems, in line with what is done by the main global tech companies.

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