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The sixth sense as in ... augmented reality

Affidati a Kotuko per il tuo progetto di realtà aumentata

Trust Kotuko for your augmented reality projects. We have many years of experience in matters relating to augmented reality and image recognition. Augmented reality is a technology that allows us to represent reality in an altered way, i.e. in which artificial and virtual information is superimposed on the normal reality perceived by our senses.

Augmented reality allows you to go beyond the line that separates your imagination from what is real. Technology allows you to overlay multimedia information on what you are looking at on any display: thus augmented reality allows you to expand your sensory horizons by helping companies in many areas, from retail to architectural design, from maintenance services to remote assistance, from automotive to manufacturing to smart packaging to operations.

Make your omnichannel communication strategy with augmented reality

Imagine framing any object with a tablet or smartphone, being able to view any type of additional information on the display: texts, images, films or three-dimensional models of other objects. The camera reads the object in the frame, the system recognizes it and activates a new level of communication that overlaps and perfectly integrates with reality, enhancing the amount of detail data in relation to that object.

Augmented reality thus allows you to take advantage of any object of your production activity (a package, a flyer, an advertisement, etc.) to transform it into a new communication channel that will entertain and intrigue your customers.

Augmented reality allows you to expand the sensory horizons of your business

The advantages of augmented reality in industry 4.0

Augmented reality also finds powerful use in the industrial and manufacturing world. In these scenarios it will be possible to enable new application features: for example, by framing a printer it is possible to explain how to replace the cartridge through an animated simulation or, again, it is possible to present an industrial machinery by detailing the explanations and instruction manuals thanks to the support of contents that , in real time, they appear on the screen showing both the exterior and the interior of each component, as videos that explain the functioning of gears and systems, the dynamics of processes and specificities.

With Augmented Reality solutions, companies in the manufacturing sector can reduce unplanned downtime, reducing operating and maintenance costs that have a significant impact on the return on investment, because the loss of production must be added to them. The spread of augmented reality in the industrial field is closely related to the affirmation of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The latter, as known, involves the digitalization and connection of all the machinery present in the production plants, in order to optimize costs and shorten the time to market, in order to allow industrial companies to better face global competition.

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