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Design Thinking is a creative approach, often used in a business environment, to address and identify an innovative solution to a complex problem. It is a methodology coined in the 90s by Tim Brown, David Kelly and Roger Martin that integrates analytical skills and creative attitudes and is centered on people.

Design Thinking, born in design studios, has now spread so widely – especially in business contexts and professional studios – that it has permeated very different and very distant sectors; in fact, its field of application is very vast and ranges from the humanistic / artistic to the scientific world, from the creation of new products, to business organization and training, up to playing a key role in the digital world. The latter, in its various forms, has accelerated the spread of design thinking, leading to further transformations.

“Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that uses the tools of designers to integrate people’s needs, technological opportunities and the requirements necessary for a successful business”.

– Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO and Stanford University professor

The Design Thinking process

As we have seen, Design Thinking is a methodology aimed at solving problems in a creative way; it is a very defined process, which involves three stages:

  • Understanding
  • Exploration
  • Realization

These stages are in turn composed of six stages:

  • Empathize
  • To define
  • Conceive
  • Prototype
  • To test
  • Implement

How can Design Thinking help your business?

This innovative approach now plays a key role in helping companies like yours to solve organizational problems, as well as to support the creation and distribution of products and services designed to meet customer needs, while at the same time allowing you to differentiate yourself and become competitive on the market. 

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