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An effective E-commerce strategy is the first step to sell online

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Having an e-commerce is essential to be able to grow your business within the new digital era, especially following the events that have characterized our recent months. But that’s not enough. Having a performing e-commerce that generates real profits is even more important.

To achieve results, it is necessary to implement an efficient and effective strategy that can attract visitors to the store and make them live a real shopping experience, as if they were inside a physical store.

Do you want to increase the performance of your site? 

Implementing a successful e-commerce strategy requires some necessary steps such as a sector study, the analysis of the strategies implemented by competitors and the creation of a tailor-made strategy based on your target audience. All following an approach guided by the study of user behavior. A scientific approach and decisions made following an analysis of the data can make the difference between an e-commerce that does not sell and a successful e-commerce.

Kotuko helps you to improve the performance of your E-commerce

To ensure the best shopping experience within your site, we analyze and consider all the main aspects of an e-commerce strategy:

  • Audit of your e-commerce: through specialized tools we analyze the “as is scenario” of your site in terms of performance on loading speed, optimization for various devices, on-page optimization of category pages and product sheets and optimization of the backlinks profile.
  • Tree analysis: the tree structure of a website is one of the main success factors of an e-commerce. It is important to have well-structured information architecture allowing fluid navigation for users and proper indexing of the content by the crawlers of the search engine pages.
  • On-page optimization: we optimize the site from a technical point of view to improve performance and intercept users who are looking for information on a product.
  • Backlinks profile optimization and Digital PR: through link building and Digital PR activities we create specialized links from blogs, portals and sector magazines that increase the value of your domain.
  • Brand monitoring: we monitor the reputation and performance of brand competitors on social networks and search engines in order to detect mentions, trends and the effectiveness of their campaigns.
  • Brand awareness: we define a specific web marketing strategy to increase the value of your brand and the reputation of your company, making the brand recognizable in the eyes of users.
  • User Experience Analysis: we thoroughly inspect the path of users within the site to identify navigation problems and implement the correct solutions.
  • DEM campaigns: based on the behaviours recorded on the site, we segment the audience into clusters on which to carry out customized marketing strategies to increase conversions and the average receipt.
  • Data analysis and user behaviour: we analyze and monitor incoming traffic and new and returning user behavior to improve behavior flows and conversion paths.
  • SEA campaigns: through Video, Display and Discovery campaigns, we satisfy the latent need of the target user, intercepting them on the basis of previous browsing activities. Thanks to Search, Shopping and RLSA campaigns, we satisfy your direct need when searching on Google.

Contact us for an audit of your e-commerce and receive a free quote

Analyze the sales strategies implemented by your competitors and find out how to bring more and more users into your online store, improve the customer experience and make an occasional buyer a loyal customer, by implementing your personalized strategy. We will follow you step by step to understand together which tools you need before you even invest your budget.

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