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Embrace social media to tell about your brand and establish contact with loyal, new and potential customers. By implementing the right tools, you can reach your specific target to show relevant content that facilitate direct and immediate communication with your company.

Facebook and Instagram are among the most used social networks. Facebook is considered the top social networking service by number of active users, surpassing 2.25 billion registered users. By implementing the right tools, you can reach your specific target to show relevant content that facilitate direct and immediate communication with your company. The Facebook advertising tool is one of the most complex and complete: it allows a detailed profiling and a range of advertising objectives applicable to specific needs. Instagram, on the other hand, over time has become the most used social network in the world for sharing images and photographs, populating itself with a younger and more attentive audience to current trends.

Linkedin is an online platform that allows you to build a network of professional relationships through the publication of valuable content. It is used exclusively by professionals and currently has more than 620,000,000 members, distributed in over 200 countries around the world. In Italy, there are over 12,000,000 users: a pool that can become a precious asset for the company business. Through its advertising platform it is possible to create sponsored content and reach, thanks to an accurate profiling, your company target.

Social Media content strategy

We identify the strengths of your brand, your products and your services. Then we turn it into engaging and successful social content for your customers. In practice, this translates into editorial planning in line with your tone of voice, which covers all the social channels you want to oversee.

We analyze the performance of your content, identifying areas for improvement and success stories. We transform your social channels into an active community of users, who will receive information on products and services you offer in real time.

We create videos, photo shoots, live event covers, illustrations and animations using a team of creative and skilled Graphic Designers.

We collaborate with influencers from every sector and – in tandem with the Digital PR team – we give that plus to the visibility of your brand.

Social Advertising

A content strategy is nothing if it doesn’t reach your target. Social ADV allows you to reach large numbers. Today, social networks are overpopulated with brands offering services and products. To stand out, you need a campaign that is aimed at the right target and with the right content.

Our team of experts will make your voice stand out from the crowd. Whether your purpose is to increase the awareness of your products, bring new consumers to your physical store, or increase sales on your e-commerce, thanks to our social campaigns we will help you achieve your business goals.

An example? We track all users who visit your site and reach them as they browse social networks to increase their purchase intent.

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