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SEA: what it is and how it works

Affidati a Kotuko per la tua campagna SEA

The success or failure of a Paid Advertising is often determined by the choice of the strategic partner. Choosing Kotuko for the management of your pay per click campaigns means relying on a Premier Partner Google agency, certification issued by the most important search engine, recognized by just 3% of Italian agencies.

With the experience gained from 2010 to today, our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team is able to make the most of every single pay per click channel in order to guarantee a tangible return on investment, achieving the planned marketing objectives, thanks to a consolidated working method that includes two macro phases:

  1. Preliminary activity: provides an initial brief aimed at gathering the information necessary to identify the buyer personas, the marketing needs and the strengths that distinguish the product or service to be sponsored; a market analysis is then carried out on competitors in order to select the right paid advertising platforms aimed at achieving the main KPIs (key performance indicators) and the desired ROAS (return of advertising spent).
  2. Operational activity: in this second phase, an optimization of the site or landing that will be sponsored is carried out in order to convey the right message to the end user and lead him to conversion (sales, leads, contacts, etc.); subsequently, the editorial plan is created containing keywords, ads and creatives that will be sponsored online. Throughout the duration of the activity, campaign data is analyzed using monitoring platforms such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, as well as setting up A / B testing to compare performance and further optimize it.

SEA service details: main campaigns available

Through the Paid Advertising platforms we offer the possibility to promote products and services to the target audience, with advertisements of different nature and on different channels, paying only for the clicks actually received. Here are the main campaigns available:

  • SEARCH: through Search campaigns it is possible to bring supply and demand together, intercepting users who express a need.
  • DISPLAY: campaigns aimed at generating consideration and awareness towards the highly profiled target audience.
  • VIDEO: campaigns aimed at audiences active in viewing multimedia content on the third most used search engine in the world, Youtube.
  • SHOPPING: direct response campaign used to show products sold online and offline, directly in search engine results.
  • APP: campaigns dedicated to the promotion of apps, in order to facilitate their downloads from the app stores, or their reuse by “dormant” users.

Why you should start a paid advertising campaign with our SEM team

PPC channels are often decisive for the performance of a promotional campaign. Here because:

  • High visibility: the spaces for sponsored ads enjoy enormous visibility at the top of the search results page, before the organic results.
  • Target selection: thanks to the data collected by Google and Microsoft on web users, a high target profiling is possible at all levels: geographic, demographic, web behavior and interests.
  • Measurable Performance: Through standard KPIs, all initiatives and strategies will be highly measurable.
  • Pay per Click or Pay per View: you pay exclusively for the clicks received or for the number of ad views (Display and Video only).
  • Full control: campaign improvements or budget changes can be implemented at any time, thanks to real-time management from platforms.
  • Suitable for all promotional needs: this activity adapts according to business needs: from direct response for the acquisition of qualified or sales leads, to the generation of awareness through banners and videos on over 1 million websites that make part of the Google and Bing advertising networks.

This is why relying on a Premier Partner Google agency such as Kotuko means having the certainty of reaching highly profiled users with the main pay per click platforms, paying only for the actual contacts received.

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