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Link Building and Digital PR: do them right with our agency

Affidati a Kotuko per la tua campagna di link building

What is link building

It is an activity based on the creation of inbound links pointing to your website.

Why do you need it?

Because investing in organic positioning is no longer enough without doing a structured link building activity.

Inbound links are, in fact, one of the main factors that influence the perception of your site by Google and other search engines. By correctly setting up link acquisition campaigns it will be possible to increase the level of consideration and authority of your site and favorably affect the positioning in the SERP of keywords related to your business.

But be careful: there’s ways to do link building

Doing link building the wrong way can be equally – or more! – penalizing not to make it their own. This is because Google, over the years, has evolved and has learned to recognize and rank the goodness of your site’s inbound links. Therefore, it is not enough to acquire links, but it is necessary to acquire the right links, which meet certain requirements.

This is why our activities are based on maximum compliance with the guidelines indicated by Google and other search engines on backlinks, with the aim of improving rankings without any risk, even in the future, of algorithmic penalties deriving from poor quality. of incoming connections.

How our agency does link building:

  • Analysis of the link profile of your site, to identify and correct ‘unwanted’ links that may cause any risk of penalization;
  • Study of the link profile of your main online competitors, selecting and identifying quality links that other players have and do not have;
  • Backlink creation that prefers quality over quantity: we choose only the best domains that meet certain requirements of authority, reliability and popularity;
  • Selection of connections as much as possible similar from a thematic point of view to your reference sector, as well as authoritative in this area;
  • Production of detailed reports to show you the results of our activities.

Make people talk about you with digital PR

Digital PR actions are aimed at promoting services, products or initiatives through digital relationships. Our experts are in contact with newspapers, magazines, blogs and influencers from various sectors to communicate and publish all your news and thus increase knowledge and consideration of your brand.

Advantages of digital PR

  • Positively influence the perception of your online brand;
  • Affirm authority and expertise in your sector;
  • Reach and win new potential customers.

Digital PR campaigns may have a limited duration but the contacts and relationships acquired can also be exploited in the future in what constitutes an excellent investment.

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