Email Marketing: the tailor-made strategy for your success, created by our agency

Affidati a Kotuko per la tua campagna DEM

Email marketing is one of the promotion and communication tools of direct marketing, that is, the type of marketing that “speaks” directly with each individual stakeholder, establishing a one-to-one relationship.

Thanks to email marketing, you will be able to deliver your messages quickly and easily within the mailbox of your contacts.

Email Marketing: Here’s Why You Should Have A Strategy

Do you want to increase your sales, acquire new customers or retain the ones you already have? Then email marketing is right for you! Thanks to an ad hoc strategy for your business, based on the objectives you want to achieve, you will be able to grow your business in a sustainable way, with reduced costs and amortized over time.

With email marketing, you can acquire a list of profiled users to whom you can periodically send your communications, building a stable relationship with them and increasing the sense of trust transmitted by your brand.

The benefits that a properly set up email marketing strategy can bring to your business are manifold. Here are some that will make you understand why you can’t really give up on email marketing:

  • It guarantees a very high average ROI
  • It has reduced costs
  • It helps build a profiled, unique and company-owned mailing list
  • It offers the possibility to send messages quickly and directly
  • Allows you to customize messages
  • It gives the possibility to segment the communication
  • Increase the success of campaigns thanks to the analysis of KPIs
  • Improve your brand reputation

Make no mistakes

Today on average in Italy everyone owns and actively uses 2/3 mailboxes and more and more people write and read emails on the move, through smartphones and tablets, during any time of the day and in any place.

The wide diffusion and ease of use of this powerful medium, however, can transmit excessive security in the management of communications that take place via email.

Setting a wrong strategy (or not having one), in fact, can make you miss out on excellent opportunities to grow your business and have negative effects on your brand reputation.

The most common mistakes made by non-email marketing experts are:

  • Don’t know the difference between DEMs, newsletters and transactional emails
  • Create emails with images only
  • Don’t optimize images
  • Having an unattractive design
  • Creating ineffective objects and pre-headers
  • Send emails without obtaining consent
  • Sending messages sporadically
  • Don’t segment communications
  • Do not track or analyze campaigns

Set up your Email Marketing strategy by relying on our agency

By relying on our agency you will be followed by industry experts who will help you build an ad hoc email marketing strategy for your business and you can ensure optimal campaign management, which will be constantly optimized to help you achieve your goals in the best way and as fast as possible.

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