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Nowadays, it makes little sense to entrust the destiny of your company to individual, specific and unrelated tools and activities; the evolution of the market and the habits of the public now make it necessary to implement a digital marketing strategy.

That is to say a wide-ranging approach that allows you to decide which tools, channels and online platforms to use to optimize your business objectives and, above all, how to integrate them together to define your web presence and intercept the needs of the target audience.

Analyzing the brand, values, products and services, identifying the buyer personas, defining the customer journey, detecting the strengths and criticalities of the company’s current online presence, identifying the most suitable channels and proposing an articulated plan of activities aimed at maximizing results: all this is digital strategy, a service that we offer to our customers through targeted actions of various kinds, selected according to the specific needs and requirements of the brand and the public segment.

Digital Strategy: the activities involved

  • Search Engine Optimization: how can you think of intercepting the manifest needs of your audience if we cannot be found on search engines? SEO is a structured and organic service that aims to optimize the corporate website through a series of on-page and off-page optimizations, aimed at improving the perception of the site by the spiders of the main engines, so that they can implement it. as relevant to users’ queries and so authoritative as to induce him to “trust” to the point of suggesting it as the ideal solution to their expressed needs.
  • Search Engine Advertising: if SEO makes it possible to intercept a wide range of search intentions, including those of an informative nature, ADV campaigns represent the most effective way to intercept transactional needs; the ads on the search network (Google, Bing) allow to satisfy the manifest needs, expressed through a specific query, while the ads on the Display network allow to stimulate the latent needs. The evolution of SEA platforms make it possible to address audiences interested in their products, to address the investment following specific conversion actions and to measure the return on investment in an extremely detailed way.
  • Social Media Marketing: social media platforms increasingly represent the place where users meet and share information, opinions and purchase intentions; people do not use social media to buy, but if companies are able to structure an effective communication plan, able to set up a dialogue with their public, it is possible to create relationships and cultivate a sense of trust in the brand which, over time, it proves decisive in the process of maturation of the purchase need and in the consolidation of a lasting commercial relationship.
  • Online Brand Reputation: listening to the network to grasp the perception of your brand on digital platforms has become essential for the company that does not want to underestimate the importance of its reputation; OBR allows you to monitor the flow of content relating to the brand, set up an optimization strategy for online resources and balance their variety, nature and quantity in order to rebalance their perception in the eyes of users.
  • Data Analysis: every marketing activity, no matter how planned and (potentially) corrected, automatically loses value if not supported by adequate analytical action, aimed at periodically monitoring data and specific measurement KPIs that make it possible to identify in the shortest time possible fine-tuning operations and regulate processes towards a constant maximization of business results.

We devise a winning digital strategy for your company or brand. Do you want to start right away?

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